Friday, August 9, 2013

Bye-bye Coupons, Hello Sam’s Club

Coupons in my area are getting harder and harder to use—stores are no longer doubling them so I need to explore more ways to save money in my food budget.

I am not brokenhearted about the coupon issues because most of the coupons are for overly processed foods and I would like to get away from those. Bulk buying is my plan.  I didn’t have a Sam’s card before, and azure standard isn’t an option so my options on bulk buying were limited until my DS#1 asked me if I would like a Sam’s Club Membership.  He works at Wally world and they will payroll deduct the membership fee. Yippee!  I cannot wait to buy in bulk.

Now, you may be thinking about storage.  I know I was so I went online to USA
Emergency Supply and ordered my buckets with the reseable gamma lids.  I want to start out slowly—cannot afford to go whole hog at the moment buying many buckets and lids-so I just bought 2 of each.  I am thinking one for bread flour(since I am wanting to bake all of our bread) and one for oatmeal.   If using these goes well, I will try to get 2 more next month--One for pinto beans and one for sugar.

   Here is the link to the site where I ordered mine:

I am not affiliated with this company—just where I found my lids and buckets.

I hesitated to buy the mylar bags and the oxygen absorbers because I am not ready to try long term food storage just yet.  Can anyone weigh in on how long oats and flour would last in the buckets with only the lids and not the bags and oxygen absorbers? I have a family of 5 adults in my house and I think I will able to use the bulk food up before it would spoil.   Any help would be appreciated!

Bulk Blessing to you all,







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