Tuesday, October 15, 2013


  Last night I sat thinking about what I would write about for Gratituesday. Soon after, my DD#2  came into my room to tell me that our friends 18 year old daughter passed away.  She had been battling bone cancer for several years but recently she developed an infection that she just could not overcome.  I grieve for her parents......just could not imagine losing a child.  My heart just breaks for their loss.  So......I am so grateful to God for having been given the privilege of having my children happy and healthy.  I am so thankful, so very thankful that I have them and pray I never have to know the sorrow of losing a child. Thank you God.  Thank you so very much.
The four loves of my life!(Several Years ago)
Please remember the Shay family in your prayers; 
                                                    Grateful Blessings for you all,

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  1. You have a lovely family Lisa. No wonder you are grateful.