Monday, October 14, 2013

My Frugal Accomplishments This Past Week

Good Morning Everyone!
Last week I packed my lunch 4 days out of five.  I wish I had packed all five work days, but oh well, I’ll try harder this week!  
  I was able to keep the air conditioner off pretty much most of the week—we’ve had cool nights and warm days so hopefully we can take the a/c units out of the windows next week. Yes….lower electric bills!
  I have purchased white fleece for extra insulation on our windows.  I hope to get the panels made by the first of November. The panels will be hung on 2 tension rods inside the window frame in  hopes of  keeping the bedrooms warmer this winter!
  My uncle was sweet enough to plant several rows of half runner beans for me so my youngest and I went and picked beans for hours on Saturday.  Let me tell you, I am feeling it today!  I am so sore!  I enlisted my DH’s help in breaking and stringing them on Sunday as we watched the Bengals almost lose the game—almost!  Only got about half of them broken but I put the first bunch in the crockpot.  Yummy green beans, ham and potatoes for supper!  I will be canning tonight and my Mom is going to help me break and freeze the rest. Thanks Uncle Howard!
  We had one meatless meal this week—red beans and rice. While this I not Tom’s favorite meal, he ate it!  Grumbled a bit, but he ate it!  I am trying to make at least one meatless supper per week.  After Tom gets used to it I am going to try and increase this to 2 per week.  Wish me luck!  Lol!!
  What have you done to save money this week?  Please share in the comments—I love to hear from my blogging friends!


  1. Hi Lisa, I make my own laundry detergent and fabric softener. Also my own deodorant and my own 409.


  2. I love hearing of all the little steps people are making towards being frugal and with your list, it reminds me that EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! Even if you don't pack lunch 5 days out of week, 4 is definitely better than none or even THREE! This week we had a meatless spaghetti, I menu planned to hopefully cut down on shopping trips. I accepted some home grown peaches for free, even though I am "all canned out". I know my family will enjoy those peaches and enjoy more room in our budget! Thanks for reminding me of how important it is to stay frugal minded!