Sunday, March 2, 2014

To Do List

In order to accomplish my goals this year,(my goals are posted on the right margin) I have taken them and broken them down into weekly to do lists.  I really need, need, need, to increase my income by at least $200 per month.  We have lots of catching up to do on saving for retirement and paying ahead on our mortgage so this is crucial!
So here is my To-Do List from last week:
1.     Make 3 loaves of artisan bread --Not done-will try to get done next week
2.     Purchase Soap Ingredients--Completed!

3.     List 3 items on E-bay--I listed 6!!

4.     Join 10 Blog Hops--Joined 12!

5.     Post comments on at least 5 blogs--Posted on 3! 

6.     Serve 2 meatless meals--I only served 1.

7.     Write 2 blog posts for next week--Have written several and launched my new blog Around Alexandria-Local what's happening in our community blog!

8.     Write down my meal plan for the week --Done!

As you can see, I didn't get everything on my list done but I did accomplish a great deal--probably more than I would have without my to do list. Here is my To Do list for this week:
  1. Make French Bread
  2. Make a batch of soap
  3. Cut soap and let cure
  4. Write and photograph 2 recipe posts
  5. Comment on 5 blogs
  6. Link up to 10 Blog Hops
  7. Write 3 posts for Around Alexandria
  8. Order business cards For AA
  9. Survive the ice and snow storm!
 I will be posting and reporting my progress next week!
What have you accomplished in the past week towards meeting your goals?

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