Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last Week's Frugality

This week I packed my lunch all 5 days!  Yippee!
  I was able to buy 10 cans of the Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup (I know it is not good for you but I love it ) for $.19 a can!  This was with a store sale and a printable coupon!  I couldn't print the coupon anymore so I was able to get 10 more cans for just $.39 per can which is still a good deal!

  Ketchup was $.88 cents for a 24 oz bottle so I picked up 10 bottles to add to my pantry stash!

   I made 2 sheet pans of homemade granola with the bulk oatmeal from Sam's Club.  We love it as cereal with milk or on yogurt. MMM mmm good!

  I used bread ends and leftover buns to make bread crumbs for the pantry.  I put them into the oven to dry while the granola was baking. Saved on electric by doing 2 things at once!

  I have unplugged several electrical things around the house in hopes of reducing the bill. Hang drying towels still and the light Nazi lives on!!

   My bucket is still in the shower catching waste water.

  I made $40 in advertising on my other blog!  It isn't much but it is a start!   I also have orders for 4 cakes in the next week so that will help with my goal of earning $200 extra income per month.  I am getting closer and closer to my goal! 

     Also,  I had to spend money in order to make money this week.  We have a huge, empty barn just sitting behind our house.  I had gravel poured behind it to be able to drive in and out in order to rent the space for RV parking or boat storage.  I am hoping to start a new income stream this summer.  Just need to get the gravel raked out and then advertise.  I am so hoping to add $50-$75 a month to our income by renting it out.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  I signed up for 3 free  samples and received a coffee sample this week.  I love getting little packages in the mail!

  I have been looking over my homeowners policy and am questioning whether or not to reduce it.  The replacement cost of our home is almost $100,000 more than it is valued at.  Is this too much?  Do I dare to reduce the policy or can I with a mortgage?  Help dear Readers!  If you can weigh in on this I would appreciate it.  I just don't understand why the replacement value is so high.

Well, that is about all for me this past week.  What have you saved on and do you have any other income streams for your family?

Frugal Blessings,




  1. Hi
    Having lost a home to Hurricane Sandy, it is my opinion that you should not reduce your insurance. Replacing a home is very expensive and there is more to it than just the structure. There is demolition of the remnants of the old, permitting for the rebuild as well as obtaining plans for a rebuild in the case of a total loss among other things. I don't think you can ever have too much insurance... I wish I had more... Best to you.

  2. We just switched insurance companies and I learned that, if something catastrophic did happen to our home such as some part or all of it burning down, when we rebuild it has to be done at the current codes for our county. It was explained to me that, as our house is 13 years old, codes on various things are stricter than when it was built. Therefore, the cost to rebuild with the current codes could mean extra costs beyond the actual building costs. More expensive wiring perhaps, or plumbing, just the permits costing more than when it was built. So I do agree with the above poster, it could be very expensive to rebuild! More than we realize! Good luck to you in your decisions!