Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Week's Frugality

    Last week wasn't a very frugal week for our family.  I have been trying to get my Herb and Botanicals business started,  have just started a local blog, and have been so stressed at my full time job that I haven't felt like cooking much this week.  I'm guilty and I confess........we ate out one night!
I know, I know, I am so ashamed but I'll try harder this week!

   I did, however, pack my lunch all week! Yes!
   The bucket is still in the shower collecting cold water while we wait for it to warm.  I have been using it to flush the toilet.

   I trimmed my own hair--just a little on the sides.

   I made one meatless meal this week.

   The free samples I started signing up for, have started to arrive--Finish DW sample and a coupon for tuna came Saturday.

   My Uncle Howard gave me a box of canning jars this week.  I hope to grow enough food to fill every jar I own!  I certainly have high hopes do I not?

   DH and I went to Sam's for eggs, butter, turkey bacon and oatmeal.  I am very careful about what I get there--some things are more expensive than at the grocery.  Be careful--that place is dangerous to your budget!

   DH and I went to the cheap seat theater with GC's from Christmas. We stopped and bought theater boxed candy at the grocery and smuggled our own water bottles in inside my purse! I won't tell if you won't!  Total cost of our date night was under $5!  Even without the GCs, it would have been under $10 so we decided to go at least once a month!  We deserve it!!!

  So what have you saved money on this week?





  1. Hi Lisa. I just found your blog recently and enjoy the weekly frugal posts. I'm in Southern Indiana so we are neighbors. I'm always looking for one more way to stretch a dollar in this current economy especially. I used to be a super coupon shopper until Kroger stopped doubling, now I too just shop for the lowest price with or without the coupons. This week I've concentrated on saving by not wasting any food, using up all the leftovers in creative ways. I've also decided to save all the 5.00 bills I receive back in change. Hoping to build up some cash that way without noticing it too much..LOL. I've been rinsing out and reusing Ziplock bags, of course turning off lights (constant battle here too) and keeping the therm set at 65 or less. I had to laugh when I read about your movie date, I have carried in snacks and water in my purse many times in the past, although it is hard to resist that popcorn. Looking forward to following your blog.

    1. Welcome Allison! I am so happy to hear from my readers--it's nice to know we're not the only ones going though frugal struggles! I hope you will stop back soon and please leave me a comment when you do!
      Blessings Neighbor!

  2. We've been saving all our veggie trimmings (carrot peels/ends, onion skins/roots, etc). I simmered a one gal ziploc bag of them and made about gallon of veggie broth. The worn out veggies went in the compost and the broth went in ice cube trays. So far my wife has used it to make rice, quinoa, noodle soup for a sick child and boiling pasta. Also made a gallon of homemade yogurt for $2.50 (the price of the milk). I mix in the homemade wild blackberry jam to flavor it at work. Made 2 loaves of pumpkin bread from homegrown/pureed/frozen pumpkin. One day, the 4 kids' lunches were homemade pumpkin bread, bowl of homemade yogurt, thermos of homemade noodle soup and homemade dried apples. We love knowing what's in everything and that it's all good.

    Time to crack open a homemade craft beer (same price as MGD, much better taste), pour my wife a glass of homemade "hobo" wine and settle down to watch a movie on Netflix ($8.00/month). Cheers!