Monday, March 17, 2014

To-Do List and Update

So here is my To Do list for last week:
  1. Make French Bread--still hasn't happened.
  2. Make 1 batch of soap--didn't happen but I made 3 last week so I am still ahead of schedule
  3. Cut and cure soap-didn't happen
  4. Write and photograph 2 recipe posts--Finished one plus took pics for the other
  5. Comment on 5 blogs--done
  6. Link up to 10 blog hops--done
  7. Order AA business cards-ordered and they have shipped!
  8. Take pics for AA-took a couple the weather has not been great
  9. Buy 2 bags of composted manure for raised bed garden-didn't happen.
 As you can see I didn't get near as much done as I wanted to.   So here is my list for next week:
  1. Make that darned French Bread
  2. Make a batch of soap and cut it
  3. Write and photograph 2 recipe posts
  4. Comment on 5 blogs
  5. Take pics for AA
  6. Buy 2 bags composted manure and 2 bags peat
  7. Link up to 12 blogs
  8. Order gravel for road to barn
Hopefully I will get more done next week
What is on your to-do list this week?

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