Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Lately, my house is looking too much like the hoarder homes on TV for my comfort, so I am starting to purge! PURGE I tell you!!!  I am going to be merciless.......if I haven't used it in 6 months, get RID of it! Well, I am going to try to be merciless--I am, I promise!  Last night I got rid of a garbage bag full of clothes that I haven't worn or that are just plain ugly--My dear MIL means well but her taste is not my taste! Guess what--I cannot miss them in my room--so many clothes!  More than any 5 people could wear. Of course I have the 3 size range of clothing.  The smaller size that I am going to fit into someday,(yeah right!)the clothes that are tight but usually fit in the summer, and the clothes that fit or fit during the comfort food winter season! Did I tell you I am going to PURGE! My room and closet will thank me for it. My husband will thank me for it! So, I am going to purge a bagful each night for the next 2 weeks and make a huge trip to the St. Vincent de Paul to donate the lot. That's a win, win situation.  I get a more uncluttered, organized bedroom and I also get a tax deduction!

Have a great day!

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