Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Last Week's Frugality

    Last week I sold a sashay scarf and made $8.00.  I used that to buy 16 cans of tuna that was on sale at our local Meijer.  It’s a start to building my pantry stash back up!

    I packed my lunch all 5 days this week!  Go me!!  I just need to continue this every week! I used my own teabags and used hot water from the cafeteria to save $6.00 again last week.

   I only made one extra trip this week.  I had to take my Mother to the Goodwill and then the grocery. Other than that I just went back and forth to work.  I still have just under a half tank of gas.

  I have started embroidering pillowcases for my Grandaughter and my nieces.  These will be part of their birthday gifts.  I’ll share the finished products with you when they are all done.

  I finished sewing snaps on bibs for a baby shower gift.  I made 3 bibs, a taggie blanket and picked up several things from the Dollar Tree.  All in all, I think they turned out too cute! What do you think?

   My original stove died 2 months ago so we brought up the spare from the kitchen in the basement.  As I was cooking dinner Monday night, I realized the oven had stopped working.  Now, I am not heartbroken over this because the stove is a glass top stove and you know what that means.  NO canning on it.  So we planned on just  making due with the stove top and microwave for the time being.   I will be getting a bonus in April and had planned on buying a new stove then but……..When I took my Momma to the Goodwill, we walked back and in the furniture section guess what we saw?  A never been used stove!!!!  It looks to be several years old but has never been used!  The price was $150 but it was Half off Saturday and that included the stove!  I got a stove for just $75.00!!!

The Lord was looking after me for sure!  And then it gets better—My Momma bought it for me. Since she has been out of commission since Dec. 1st, she wasn’t able to get me a Christmas present.  So I got my stove for my Christmas gift from her!  Thank you Momma!

     Last month I started a Christmas Club through our credit union.  I have $45 dollars saved for Christmas.  I’ll only accumulate about $300 by the payout date but that will be a tremendous help!

     I saved several juice bottles, cleaned them, and filled with water and a few drops of bleach for emergency use.  Every bit helps in a disaster, natural or otherwise.  The cost was next to nothing.

     Meijer had a great sale this week.  I got 5 pkgs. of strawberries for $5.00.  I found a half gallon of chocolate milk for 67 cents, a large container of cottage cheese for 90 cents, a bag of clementines for just $1.50, 2 quarts of fruit juice for just $1.80, and 2 green peppers for $1.

  Our Alexandria County Market had the ground beef on sale for $2.79 per pound and while that is a great deal, they had several packs reduced to $2.29 per pound.  I bought about 12 pounds!  It has been so expensive that I haven’t been willing to spend that much per pound for hamburger.  So I was all smiles as I left with my beef bounty, let me tell you! I’m dreaming of homemade meatloaf and a big pot of chili!

  This is what I saved money on this week!  How did you do?  We can all learn from each other so please comment and let us be inspired by your savings!

Frugal Blessings,

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  1. I saved money this week by just staying home. It saved on gas, no spending at the store, cooking at home always saves money.