Monday, March 9, 2015

Next Week's To Do List

Here is what I accomplished on my to do list from last week:

1. Clean out refrigerator.—Half way done

2. Scrub bathroom top to bottom—Not done

3. Cook pork roast with carrots and potatoes in crock pot—Not done

4. Sew snaps on bibs and bring gift to work—Done!!

5. Purge stuff from Living room. --Done

6. Get rid of broken lamp--Done

7. Hang ladder on wall over TV –Not done

8. Bag up 2 bags of clothes from my closet and take to Goodwill—Not done

9. Clean kitchen window and sill--Done

10. Wash bedding--Done

11. Start embroidering pillowcases for upcoming birthdays--Started

12. Put 2 items on Facebook yard sale site-use money to build pantry—Not done—My camera is acting up—won’t charge

13. Complete 2 blog posts--Done

14. Buy garden seeds-Done

15. Get fabric for tv table skirt—Not done.


Well, as you see, I didn’t get too much accomplished last week.  I really wanted to get more done, but life happens.. This is still more than I would have completed without the list so I am gonna keep going with it!

Next week’s to do list:

1.     Finish cleaning out the refrigerator

2.     Scrub bathroom top to bottom

3.     Work on pillowcase embroidery

4.     Write 3 blog posts

5.     Try to get 2 items posted on Facebook yard sale site

6.     Hang ladder in living room

7.     Send thank you to my SIL’s Father for hauling my stove

8.     Clean my picture window and sills

9.     Walk every day at lunch

10.   Batch cook ground beef and repackage for freezer

11.   Store 2 more jugs of water for emergencies

12. Make no bake peanut butter cookies for my DH

13.Paint light fixture I found second hand and get installed in my bathroom

14. No eating out

15.   Start a batch of alfalfa sprouts

I have a big list of things to do in addition to the everyday normal routine!  Stop back and see what I have accomplished next week!

Busy Blessings,




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