Monday, March 23, 2015

Last Week's Frugality

Hi!  How have you all been?  Good I hope! 

  I have a major confession to make this week..............We ate out!  I know, I know, but there is a reason........sort of!  We have a new restaurant in town that is being run by  friends of the family so we wanted to show our support to them and try out the food! Let me tell you it was amazing!  The Hidden Dragon in Alexandria KY is awesome!  I know, we still shouldn't have, but it was so stinkin' good! 

  Well, on to the savings!
   I packed my lunch all week!  Yippee!  This week I have drunk water all day, no tea or coffee.
   I ran out of Finish DW detergent and have made do using Kool-aid, washing soda, salt and borax. While this worked in the interim, my glasses are getting cloudy.  So I am looking for better prices on my finish!
  I received a check for $4.39 from a Nutella settlement.  I  had purchased 3 or 4 jars and this was my share of the settlement.  I had forgotten about submitting for this so this was a nice suprise!

 Somehow I overpaid at the Dr. office and received a refund check in the mail for $30.00!  Totally unexpected also! So we are $34.39 to the good!

  The alfalfa sprouts were harvested and another batch started.  Yummy on sandwiches and in salads!

   My Mother-in-law took me out to dinner for my birthday a few days early.  She also gave me a UK scarf--Perfect timing during March Madness--Thank you Rose!

   My electric bill for last month was huge! So I am going to be working on getting that down for next month.  I know the weather was very bad, snowy and cold so it should be better anyway with the warmer weather but I need to get it way down.  I see clothes lines in my near future! Please leave any tips in the comments section--I sure could use the help!

  We are still saving water in our shower to use to flush the toilet.  Better to use the water for flushing than it going down the drain waiting for the hot water. Several gallons a day saved at least.  I am also using bottles of water in the toilet tanks to displace and save on water. Minute savings, but savings none the less!

   I found strawberries 5 for $5 and a new breakfast sausage from John Morrell.

7 of the 10 breakfast sausages (3 went to my son)
The introductory price was 10 for $10!  I bought 5 strawberries and 10 Sausage chubs.

                            Guess what I did with the Strawberries-Made Jam of course!

Strawberry Jam Cooking
My jars sterilizing
11 jars Strwberry jam and 4 pints of Black Cherry Jelly!
    I made a batch of strawberry jam and 2 batchs of Black Cherry("poverty") Kool-Aid jelly.  We absolutely love the black cherry and it is so very cheap to make. I love that I can make it in the Spring before all of the outside chores start up. If you want to see the recipe click Here!   I am looking forward to making another "poverty" jelly soon--dandelion!

  My DS's girlfriend doesn't remember going to the Krohn Conservatory (My favorite place in the Nati) so we went Saturday!  I think she really enjoyed it and I used a coupon from the website to save $1 per person on admission. It is such a beautiful, calming place! I love it!

Krohn Conservatory

DS and GF in front of the Waterfall



I guess that is about it or me!  What did you save money on last week?  Please share your savings with us in the comments !  We can all learn from each other !
Frugal Blessings,

Don't forget about the drawing for the canning jars--drawing is this week!
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  1. Lisa, don't feel bad about going out to dinner! Not only are you supporting a friend and eating yummy food, but you work hard each week to save. So, you deserve a treat every now and then! :)
    Also, just wanted to suggest a few things I do to save electricity. I do hang most of our clothes (inside) but if I do use the dryer I only run on low, 20-30 minutes and then hang to finish drying. The oven is another place to cut back if you can bake multiple items at once. This is not always possible but helps. If you have "space" heaters or use AC, those add up quickly. One thing to remember is that you are saving in other ways (such as cooking at home, canning, etc.), taking your lunch to work daily, those are all great ways to save. My husband has been taking his lunch to work for 40+ years!
    It's hard, I know, but you are doing great! Have a nice day! Teri

  2. Teri, we are using a space heater for my moms room but she is cold natured. We try to keep the house about 63-65 degreesbut sometimes we have to kick them on. i will try and double up on my baking--good suggestion- thanks. I think for my birthday, I am going to ask for clothesline! I love hanging up wash to dry! Thanks for the encouragement! I needed it!