Monday, March 2, 2015

Next Week's Goals

  Since things are getting back to our so called normal, I need to start getting more accomplished around the house.  Let me tell you it needs it!!  I feel if I post my goals, that you all will help me be more accountable and get more done. So here goes:
1.      Clean out refrigerator.
2.     Scrub bathroom top to bottom
3.     Cook pork roast with carrots and potatoes in crock pot
4.     Sew snaps on bibs and bring gift to work
5.     Purge stuff from Living room.
6.     Get rid of broken lamp
7.     Hang ladder on wall over TV
8.     Bag up 2 bags of clothes from my closet and take to Goodwill
9.     Clean kitchen window and sill
10.     Wash bedding
11.     Start embroidering pillowcases for upcoming birthdays
12.      Put 2 items on Facebook  yard sale site-use money to build pantry
13.     Complete 2 blog posts
14.      Buy garden seeds
15.       Get fabric for tv table skirt
Have you set your goals for this week?  If so what are they?  Remember, I love comments!

1 comment:

  1. Lisa,
    I make my own dish washer detergent as well with a similar recipe. I add food grade citric acid and that seems to help with the cloudy glass! Might be worth a try. :)