Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Circle of Life

     I have missed my blogging friends so much!   Life has been very difficult for my family for the last 6-8 months.  My Mother had a heart attack last August, then hurt her knee and went to PT for months.  Then on her 2nd to last PT  visit in December, she fell getting into my daughters car, broke her leg in 3 places and cracked a rib.  After being admitted to the hospital, she had another mild heart attack and was inpatient for 12 days followed by 20 days in Rehab.   In the midst of her hospital stay, my DH was in the hospital for days for Epilepsy testing. Sheww! Where did December go?   Mom has been staying with us since she was released from Rehab and it has been a pretty rough 6 weeks.

  I am just now feeling like we are living in some semblence of normal, or at least our new so called normal! So I decided to try and get back to my blogging.

   Kroger had small pots of tulips on sale last week.  I so NEEDED a breath of spring time!  Just a hint that Spring is just around the corner, and do you know what?  That little pot of yellow and red tulips, has helped tremendously!  I cannot look at them and not smile!  I cannot wait for the small green shoots of my perennials to start popping up through the cold earth.  Mother Nature waking up after a long Winter's rest and coming to life!  It will be so joyous to watch my favorite plants start a new life cycle this spring.  Many people don't like fall because they feel everything is dying, but I love that season as well becasue it is a part of the circle of life that promises new life in the Spring!  Everything  and everyone needs to rest  in order to bloom.  So I feel as though I have rested since August and  my blog is going to BLOOM this Spring!   I hope you all will enjoy this circle of life with me!

Dreaming of Spring Blessings,

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