Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Last Week's Frugality

     Hello all!  Hope you have had a great frugal week! 

  I packed my lunch all five days!  Woo hoo!  I had a free breakfast at work in celebration of the March Birthdays. I just have to continue this forever!! Lol!

   I used my gas points at Kroger to save 10 cents per gallon.  May not be much, but that dollar helps!

  My DS's girlfriend brought me 2 dozen fresh eggs from her parent's farm.  They are brown and blue eggs and they are amazing! Thank you Thank you!  I remembered to save the egg cartons and sent them back to her.

  I have been trying to use up the corn I put in the freezer so we had corn on the cob two times last week--yummy!

  I had a girl at work save coke caps for me and entered them in for double points.  I am saving them up for a gift for my DH for Christmas; Either movie tickets, or a Sports Illustrated subscription. Which ever I have enough points for.  Either will be much appreciated.
Seasoned Bread Crumb Ingredients
  I had several pieces of bread getting stale so instead of throwing it out, I made seasoned dried bread crumbs.

Ranch Dressing Mix and Seasoned bread crumbs

 I made a double batch of ranch dressing mix.  I really want to get away from using those chemical laden store bought dressings.  Fresh dressings are amazing, cheap, and you know what is in them!  I have an old dressing carafe I plan on using!  Too cool!
Goodwill Finds!

    I found 2 stoneware bowls at the Goodwill for 50 cents each and an iron fork for $2.  Aren't they adorable?

   I did get a batch of alfalfa sprouts started.  They are so good in salads and on sandwiches.

    We have been using the last of the  2014 years jelly and jam.  We are down to 2 half pints of the pineapple jelly and that is it!  I love the fact that I am making all of our jellies and jams but I need to get busy making more! Some cheap jelly recipes to come!

  I did go to the grocery and just bought basics.  I was able to pick up 2 pounds of banannas for 54 cents.  I only spent 19.78 at the grocery so I saved over $30 in our grocery budget.

What did you save on this week?
Please share your savings to encourage others!

Frugal blessings,



  1. Great saving ideas! I took always take my lunch to work mostly leftovers from the night before. I hit a great sale at JoAnn's last weekend....Simplicity patterns were $1.97 each. Stocked up on patterns and will start sewing some clothes for myself and granddaughter. I have tons of free fabric sitting in my sewing room. Hope to save lots of money on summer clothes for myself.

  2. Wow! $1.97 for patterns--great buy! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! See you next week I hope!