Thursday, March 19, 2015

To Do List

  Hello Dear Friends!  I am almost embarrassed to write this post because I accomplished so little on my To Do List.  But here it is!  Full disclosure-just keeping it real!

1. Finish cleaning out the refrigerator--Not finished

2. Scrub bathroom top to bottom--not finished

3. Work on pillowcase embroidery-a work in progress

4. Write 3 blog posts-done

5. Try to get 2 items posted on Facebook yard sale site-not done

6. Hang ladder in living room-Done and it looks great!

7. Send thank you to my SIL’s Father for hauling my stove-not done

8. Clean my picture window and sills-not done
9. Walk every day at lunch-walked 2 days only

10. Batch cook ground beef and repackage for freezer-done

11. Store 2 more jugs of water for emergencies-not done

12. Make no bake peanut butter cookies for my DH-not done

13.Paint light fixture I found second hand and get installed in my bathroom
Not done
Alfalfa Sprouts day 4

14. No eating out--done

15. Start a batch of alfalfa sprouts--done

     It hasn't even been a very busy week but I still lacked the motivation to complete my list.   Since I didn't get much done, I am going to use the same list for next week and see if I can complete it.

 How do you keep yourself motivated?  Please tell me I need all of the help I can get!


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  1. If you figure out the secret please share it with us! I have the same issue, but the sunshine really helps alot so maybe as we get more of it we will both be more energetic. Good Luck with your list, you can do it. Just jump right in and kick it out.

  2. I am going to try!! Maybe the sunshine will help--I am vitamin D deficient! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!