Sunday, January 26, 2014

Anniversary Party That Didn't Happen

Hello all,
   Tom and I planned a 30th Anniversary  party for this past weekend.  Only the white death came upon us.  We received about 4 inches of snow Friday night through Saturday morning and so our town put out a level 2 snow emergency which meant our party was cancelled.   I was so bummed that I had everything ready for the party and it had to be cancelled, that I decided to serve dinner to my family party style anyway.
                                             So here are picks of the party that wasn't:

I just put 3 pieces of leather leaf fern in jar then added 2 stems of spray roses and babies breath. I tied
a hemp twine around the top of the jar and viola--a pretty, rustic, easy arrangement!
Don't you just love the little chalkboard signs?  I found them at Michael's 4 for $1.
Cheap but cute addition to the party!  Details do matter!
Yes we drank from the new blue jars!  The platter was made by my youngest Kait!
I use my large Longaberger Fruit basket for an ice bucket. The jars are available in the ad at the side of this page!
Brie with grapes and crackers!
Nibbles Platter!
Nibbling on said Nibbles platter!
This was not the cake I was supposed to have.  I cancelled it but my kids braved the snowy roads and went to the grocery to get us a cake for our anniversary.  Love them bunches!
My Willow Tree Anniversary cake topper!  Love it!
Baby pink spray roses with babies breath!
Simplicity at it's best!
Me and my Honey! 
And they said it wouldn't last!
We Still Do!
Blessings to you all,



  1. Congrats! And I am so sorry your party was ruined. But I am glad you rose to the occasion anyway.

  2. Thanks Kim! We had a good time anyway!

  3. Awwwww glad you celebrated anyway! We just celebrated our 15th in January too. Happy anniversary and many more!