Monday, January 20, 2014

Last Week's Frugality

  Last week I packed my lunch 4 days. I still want to make it 100% of the time but something always seems to get in the way.  Must try a bit harder I suppose.

  The insoles on my work shoes have worn out under the ball of my feet.  I purchased the gel insoles for that area for $3.00 to enable me to wear my shoes longer so they do not hurt my feet.  I have wide feet and diabetes so finding comfy shoes to fit is not an easy task.  In the mean- time, I am scouting around for my next pair of shoes-hopefully at a discount!

    We have kept our thermostat set at 62 degrees.  Our furnace runs on propane and it is very expensive so we just put on layers and use a quilt while watching TV.  We use an electric baseboard heater in the main living area and that helps out so much! With the next Polar Vortex coming we will start a fire in the wood stove tonight.  Brrr.

 Yesterday I was able to bake several batches of quick breads for us to eat for breakfast this week—apple cinnamon bread and black walnut bread.  Yummy!  The oven being on during the day helped out with the heat in the main area of the house.  Win, Win!

  Was able to get to Meijer and buy $10 worth of the loss leaders.  Pasta was just 79 cents per lb. and mac and cheese was 3/$1 so I stocked up on a few of those.  Even $10 a week or month helps build your stash!

  I also found lettuce seeds and spinach seeds for my early garden. They were only $1 per package. I bought 3 of each—still need more but it is a start.  I have been lusting over the seed catalog.   Online I added the ones I wanted for my garden in the cart and they came to over $100.00.  You can bet your life I deleted that order asap.  Raising a garden is something I want to do to help with food costs but I cannot rationalize paying over $100 for seeds. There are cheaper seeds out there.  Maybe not the same quality of the catalog seeds but still, I choose not to spend that much on seeds.

   We are still using meat from our freezer and not buying meat at the grocery.  I have to get my freezers cleaned out and they are packed!

     Well that is about all of the frugal things I accomplished last week-What have you done to save money?

Frugal Blessings,




  1. I love your blog and am now following. I found you thru Stove Cottage Adventure.

  2. Welcome Kim! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I just love comments from my bloggy friends! Thanks so much for following!

  3. Always looking for fellow frugal friends :) Happy to meet you!
    Visiting via the Tuesdays with a Twist Hop :)


    1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog! I appreciate it so much! Hope you stop back by real soon!
      We have to help each other out in the saving money game of life!
      Frugal Blessings,