Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last Week's Frugality

   Last week I was able to pack my lunch 4 days.  I still need to pack everyday but I will try to improve.
   I saved my apple peels(we love our fried apples for breakfast) and cooked them in water to get a pint of apple juice and a pint of apple butter.  Nothing like making something yummy from scraps you are going to get rid of! I made good use of my strainer from the Goodwill!
   I was able to pick up salad mix, and rolls in the reduced section of the grocery store and saved several dollars on Tom's birthday dinner.  I also found packages of cake mix that are half the size of a boxed mix on sale for 25 cents each and bought 30 of them.  Picked up 2 Taco Bell taco kits for 50 cents each!  SCORE!  I found a box of Hamburger Helper (I don't usually buy this anymore but potato stroganoff is my favorite) for 25 cents--I just couldn't pass this up!  I found bags of cheese doodles reduced to 25cents per bag--they are DD#2;s favorite snack. I bought 4.
    I have to tell you that as I write this at 3:51 in the am, that I am being serenaded by my DH and Shih Tzu snoring. :) Yes, I blog sitting in bed at 3am!  What can I say, I cannot sleep! Lol!
  Well, I guess that is it or at least what I can remember!  What frugal things did you do last week?


  1. Great finds! I will admit that frugality is not my strong point, or my husbands. This is definitely something I'd like to work on for 2014. Just being about 10 years away from retirement, every little bit of saving now will help then. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration!

  2. Sheryl,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I am aiming to retire in 13 years and we need to save more for that as well!
    Take care and good luck with your retirement savings!