Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

     Last week I received a notice from our mortgage company that our escrow account was short thereby increasing our mortgage payment by $50 per month. Also, my health insurance rates went up by $ 70 per month. So I am having to be extremely frugal and am trying to cut costs where ever I can.      I packed my lunch last week. That can be a great savings-just takes a little forethought and planning!
       I bought several gifts for my family for birthdays and next Christmas at the 50% off sales after Christmas. I also found cookies reduced 50% and some Snickers (DH’s Favorite) as well.
       There was one loaf of frozen bread dough left in the freezer so instead of buying rolls for Christmas dinner, I baked that.
     I was able to use all of the Flex spending money for our meds this month. That is a relief—if you don’t use it you lose it!
      I picked up several semi boneless hams earlier in December that I planned on using for Christmas dinner, but I was able to save them because my sweet aunt gave me a whole ham and a huge beef roast for Christmas! Thanks Aunt Jane! I think I will be able to stretch the huge roast into 3-4 meals. Batch cooking here I come!
        I picked up a top at the Goodwill for $1.65 and it is so pretty! I also found an old wooden churn for $7.50—boy did I snatch it up quick! St. Vincent de Paul had all Christmas stuff for 25 cents each and I found a candy dish to give with candy for a small gift next year. I also found gently used books for my nieces and granddaughter for 25 cents apiece. I always give the girls books. I want them to be voracious readers like I am.
    I was given 12 of the new blue mason jars for Christmas Thank you Christina—Cannot wait to use them.
     We enjoyed bean soup (using the ham bone from the freezer to flavor it) for one supper and had enough left overs for several lunches.
     I had my son pick up my free turkey that my employers give us for Christmas. That makes 3 turkeys in the freezer!
      I gave homemade jelly to several people for Christmas! I love home canned goodies and I think others do too!
     I made a batch of laundry soap and scented it with Lavender essential oil. This is such a great money saver and so easy.
  We were given a gift card to a restaurant that we do not care for but it is my daughter’s boyfriend’s favorite, so DD is buying it from us. I want to use the money to build up my pantry a bit as I have been hitting it hard lately!
  I made a pot of French Onion soup for supper one night. My Mother had never had it and she really enjoyed it. Even with putting a slice of bread and cheese on top, it was a very cheap, but delicious meal!
   So what have you saved money on lately?
  Frugal Blessings,

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  1. visiting from "Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways" blog hop. I enjoyed reading your post. Good job! Darlene

  2. Thanks for sharing the frugal ideas :) I hope there aren't any more surprises!
    Thanks so much for sharing your post on The HomeAcre Hop! I hope you have time to stop by and share more today!

  3. Thanks Darlene and so happy you stopped by!

  4. Lisa Lynn,
    I hope there are no more surprises as well! Thanks for stopping by! Come back real soon!