Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Dried Food Stash

Since my garden was a bust this year, I decided to order some dried food staples from San Francisco Herb Company. They have many food items for pretty reasonable costs.  I ordered dried minced onion, dried spinach, vegetable soup mix and stew vegetable mix. My favorite is the dried spinach.  You can put it in most anything--spaghetti sauce, soup, and dip mixes. It is so convenient and it  makes a great spinach dip!  I made a quick pot of soup this past Sunday with the soup mix--just added some spinach and frozen beef broth--yum!
     Next year I hope to be able to dry my own veggies( if the deer don't get to them first) I see a fence in my future!!

                              I just love storing food in my jars!
Dried Spinach, dried onion, and dried veggie soup mix looks so pretty.

Do you have any dried foods in your stash?

Have a great day!


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