Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thoughts on Preparedness--Part 2

 Just this Saturday I added quite a bit to my pantry(which includes Toilet paper, shampoo, soaps,etc.). I had a budget of $20 for my pantry stash and  I have to admit--I failed to stay within my budget by......8 cents!  I can live with that!  Here is what I got at our local Meijer:

I got 5 bottles of Suave Body Wash, 4 Suave Shampoos, Jiff To go pack, Cottonelle Fresh Wipes, 6 Lipton Cup a Soups, 4 Lipton Beefy Onion soup Mixes, 3 Bags of Meijer Pretzels, and a Suave Deodorant.  And Guess what--I got a coupon for $1 off my next purchase!

I was very happy to be able to add this stuff to my pantry stash for only $20.08 with a savings of .......

                       $23.49. Yeah!!!!  I beat my goal of 50% savings  and with only 2 coupons!! 
If you don't want to coupon, just buy quantities of your supermarkets loss leaders or sale items.

See- you can build your pantry stash up a little at a time.  Even if you only saved $10 a month from your grocery budget, that would get you  started! Here are pics of some of my pantry stash.

Sorry my stash is so messy! I have a great start but not nearly enough!  These pics show only a part of my stash-I have about 40 boxes of kleenex, about 100 bars of soap, about 25 bottles of mouthwash,
 about 20 deodorant sticks, and about 30 bottles of shampoo in the bathroom closets. oops--I forgot the 30 tubes of toothpaste! I also have my jams and jelly that I made last week.

Anyone get any great deals for the pantry?  If so, please share your successes in the comments section!
I would love  to see pics of your pantry stash!


PS  I still am giving a basket of my soaps, spa bags and bath teas  away as soon as I reach my goal of 20 followers!  Please join!  Just leave a comment when you do and if you post about this give away, you get another chance to win--just leave acomment about your post! Welcome followers!


  1. Messy or not, what is messy? Good job-keep it up.

  2. Thanks Marsha and goatldi! I am trying! I want to start canning soups and other things--on my goals to learn to use the pressure canner! Thanks for your kind words! Stop by and visit again!