Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thoughts on Preparedness- Part 1

  Would you be able to comfortably make it through a power outage of 1 or more weeks?  Would you have enough food to last you through a blizzard in the winter when roads are impassable? Could your family stay warm? What if a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake  hit your town and knocked out all utilities-would you be able to be self sufficient? 
  Most of us would be ok for a few days maybe, but we wouldn't be able to last much longer without depending on our Government for help.
  That scares me--really scares me!  Think of the state of our government and the economy--should we base our families saftey and security on our government?  I don't think so.  Shouldn't american citizens take responsibility for themselves?
  The "put something away for a rainy day" mentality is by and large gone.  A real pantry is something all households should have and improve on daily.  Why would having a panty stocked full of food be a bad thing?  Some people would laugh at you for being so concerned  about the future of your family that you stockpile food or put some away for a rainy day.  Don't let that stop you!  They will not be laughing if an emergency or job loss hits!  You may be the one they turn to for help. Take ownership of your family's secure future.  Be prepared for an emergency.  You cannot depend on others to save you.
  Preparedness doesn't have to cost a fortune.  Work on it little at a time.  Water is the cheapest  and easiest item on the list--it is a priority. You need 1 gallon per person per day.  A 55 gallon drum  of water will support a family of 4 for about 2 weeks.
   Buy one item a week to add to your stash.  Use coupons! Cans of soups or stews, oatmeal, dried mik, canned meats and veggies all are great items to stash.  Don't forget a hand can opener!  All foods must be rotated--first in, first out. Check dates and use food before it expires--just replace it next grocery trip!
    Think about providing light--will candles work for you? Solar lights? What about oil lamps?  They can put out quite a bit of heat in the cooler months.  Remember to have a supply of lamp oil and extra wicks on hand.  Hand cranked radios and flashlights would be a great help in a power failure--no batteries to die.  Remember matches and /or lighters and spare full tanks of propane for a grill.  Plastic trash bags are a must --think no water for toilets!
   Start a first aid kit.  Add to it weekly.  It never hurts to be prepared for medical emergencies.

I challenge all of you to be better prepared for an emergency.  Take responsibility for your family's wellbeing. Set goals of enough supplies for 3 days, when you reach that, set your goal for a week, then 2 weeks, etc.  Think how good you will feel when you have a months supply stashed!

Please post what you are doing to prepare for emergencies.  I would love to know  how you are prepping!



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